ZiNIR present a Solo Spectroscopy chip design for earth observation at CEOI conference


Leicester, United Kingdom:


Jo Coote, ZiNIR’s EMRP REG Researcher, presented the culmination of her EURAMET funded research to earth observation scientists at the CEOI-ST Emerging Technology Challenge Workshop in Leicester. The presentation, entitled “Novel ultra-miniature technology for earth observation and sensing”, described the use of a Solo Spectrometer chip, specialist front-end optics and an integrated light source as a highly compact hyperspectral imager for earth observation. The slides are currently online and available to download from the CEOI website.

The talk was extremely well recieved and following the talk a number of earth observation scientists approached Jo suggesting potential collaborations and opportunities to work together. This has led to a joint application for a Horizon 2020 FET project.

This project was funded by EMRP, which is a project jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union.

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