ZiNIR wins PoCKeT award to fund collaboration with University of Surrey

ZiNIR's hand held near infrared analyser is one stage nearer to market following the offer of a PoCKeT award from Finance South East.

The award will fund a six month collaboration with the University of Surrey's Advanced Technology Institute, a centre renowned for its expertise in photonics.

ZiNIR's non contact chemical sensor is based on patented technology that aims to enable the rapid and accurate in situ analysis of liquids and solids, such as explosives or illicit drugs hidden in powders or liquids.

Based on miniaturised near infrared spectroscopy, the sensor will be particularly adept at the rapid identification of toxic chemicals mixed in with everyday substances. The 'point, click and read' instrument can be used with powders and liquids including through suspect glass and plastic bottles.

Project leader at the University of Surrey, Stephen Sweeney added, “This is a perfect example of how regional funding can be used to bring together an emerging high-tech company and an experienced university research group, which is of enormous benefit to both parties and the region more generally.”

About the Advanced Technology Institute: The Advanced Technology Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to advancing next-generation electronic and photonic device technologies. More information at .

About ZiNIR Ltd: ZiNIR Ltd develops miniaturised chemical sensors based on its patented near infrared optical engine which combines sensitivity with ruggedness. Its 'point, click and read' chemical analysers are ideal for use by anyone, regardless of background, who needs to rapidly identify chemicals on the spot.