ZiNIR launches AlphaBRIGHT, a super bright light source

ZiNIR has launched , a bright VIS-NIR QTH light source for spectroscopy and illumination applications where brightness and stability ensure low noise, high quality measurements.

AlphaBright efficiently maximises the amount of light coupled into an optical fibre increasing the optical throughput and providing stable illumination for scientific measurements.

AlphaBright is also ideal for applications requiring the routine use of filters. The patented design ensures that light remains focused on the optical fibre cable when an optical filter is inserted. Neutral density, bandpass or edge filters can be used without distorting the optical path.

Stephen Sweeney, Chief Technology Officer said: "The optical design for AlphaBright came out of a project to build a spectrophotometer which needed to efficiently illuminate samples in the field. When tested against others on the market we found it to be orders of magnitude brighter. Consequently, AlphaBright offers real advantages over alternative QTH broadband light sources for challenging experiments involving measurements from a distance and analysis of poorly reflecting materials."

The accompanying power source provides a stable output, keeping drift and light level variation to a minimum. The unit warms-up in approximately 10 minutes and the intensity of the output is stable to < ±0.1%.

>About Zinir: AlphaBright is a division of ZiNIR Ltd, a technology development company based in Eastbourne, UK that translates leading photonics research into useful, flexible scientific products for industry and academia.