ZiNIR wins funding for Alphabright, a super bright light source

ZiNIR Ltd, the photonics and spectroscopy specialist, has secured funding from Finance South East (FSE) to launch , a super bright broadband light source for scientists and engineers.

The light source provides high power light in the visible and near infrared which can be efficiently directed through a fibre optic cable via an SMA coupling.

Alphabright’s superior optical design, based around a 20 watt quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) bulb, provides light at least ten times brighter than leading brands. The efficient coupling optics allow for a stable design which minimises energy consumption whilst still delivering high optical output. It can be used either for free space or optical fibre applications.

The working model demonstrates that this can be achieved without compromising on a fast warm-up time (80 seconds) and a high degree of stability.

ZiNIR has received funding and business support from SEEDA and Finance South East (FSE) to develop the firm's product range. FSE initially invested the money needed to characterise and improve ZiNIR's underlying technology and is now supporting the manufacture and marketing of the final product through the Commercialisation Fund.

ZiNIR Director Ian Goodyer said: “ZiNIR was in the middle of characterising our own in-house spectrophotometer with the University of Surrey when we discovered that our proprietary light source was between ten and a hundred times brighter than others of a similar type available. As a result, we've now developed this as a stand alone model and added significant functionality.”

"For example, the optics in the light unit have been optimised to couple the maximum amount of light from the bulb filament into the optical fibre and the light bulb's position can be finely adjusted to ensure maximum throughput."

Finance South East invests at an early stage to de-risk businesses and prepare them for later stage funding from business angels and venture capital firms. Finance South East's CEO, Sally Goodsell, said, “I am delighted that we were able to support ZiNIR in launching AlphaBRIGHT and thus developing the range of products from the company”

AlphaBRIGHT will be on sale from January 2009.

About ZiNIR Ltd: ZiNIR Ltd is a product development company based in Eastbourne, UK that translates leading photonics research into useful, flexible products for scientists and industry.

The company has a background in the development of near infrared spectrophotometers and data analysis that provide non-specialist users with rich information about the identity of chemicals and the condition of materials quickly.

ZiNIR will shortly launch AlphaBRIGHT, a super bright scientific light source, for scientists working in spectroscopy and microscopy to increase light throughput in their systems and so gather improved data.

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